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  • If these idiots in this Country vote in Hillary Clinton, I am moving out of
    the U.S. (I should move out anyway, because she’s going to be the next one
    in line.) This Country is a FACADE…………

  • I just looked up my congress member for the first time. It is pure racism
    how the district lines are drawn. I live in Florida’s 5th district. Apopka,
    How it cuts directly into Eatonville, Pine Hills then just until west of DT
    Orlando, ending in the oak ridge area. These areas are inarguably majority
    black/minority. (looked at from the perspective
    http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/ using area code 32811 )

  • Do we all think we can change anything, blacks killed by cops,cops killed
    by blacks,drug usage in America an epidemic,poisons,pollution,and the list
    goes on. Nothing man can do is going to help in our lifetimes, this world
    is going to need an extinction level event to be brought back in harmony,
    to many people have consumed their fill in order to satisfy greedy minds.
    George Carlin would have loved this.

  • Fuck US. Evil snakes. Started to bomb Assad and his government in Syria all
    the time this was their plan no bloody ISIS no Jihadi John just fucking
    lies and air strikes. Rebeles? Fuck you!