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Finance is usually a broad term covering a wide range of topics with reference to the management, development, measurement, allocation, and spending of funds. Financial crisis often leads to calls for new and innovative financing solutions. In response, many finance departments develop complicated ways of categorizing, managing, and reporting financial information. In effect, effective communication about finance is a key to solve this crisis.

We know that all market sectors face financing and credit issues. However, some finance problems are unique to certain sectors, such as financial institutions, real estate, and organizations that rely on complex derivatives. A typical sector is broken down into three main categories: domestic, global, and regional. Domestic refers to the flow of funds through local activities, national, and federal sources. Global is global in extent and crosses national borders.

The third category, regional, includes information on outside the United States, European, and Japan. All these categories share common themes of organization, management practices, debt and credit risks, ownership structure, and interest rates. A successful finance management system should be able to capture the important signals from these domains. Moreover, it should also be able to provide effective information about current and future interest rates and credit ratings. To achieve this, effective communication about finance helps the managers to take informed decisions about investment, financing, and categorization.

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