Marc Gafni on Your Unique Self: The Future of Enlightenment


Wow, fantastic treat to see this talk by +Marc Gafni.  I love that through technology and #DigitalIntimacy , our world is getting even smaller, and we humans, more connected.  I grew up hearing #Aramaic  spoken by my grandparents in the household, during a time when it wasn’t generally acceptable to speak a foreign language outside the home, in public, other than amongst our own “tribe” of Chaldeans (Detroit area). I discovered Marc on a Hangout this morning, hosted by my girl #MagicalMia  (my nickname for her) +Mia Voss, Founder of +The Mia Connect. This talk brings home many of the distinctions of +Landmark‘s Curriculum For Living, where, in the early 90’s, I finally “got it”.  Unfolding #WorldSpirituality  – reclaiming a shared vision, learning the patterns that connect and unite us, which is exactly WHY i do what i “do” to earn a beautiful living. Hope we run into each other at #BurningMan  this year. We are all connected and indeed, this fabric DOES need to be woven from ALL the times, not just our past, not just our present. Awesome stuff. Thank you!! #Enlightenment  = to be sane = to know your identity/true nature. The crux of my business practices as well as the whole of my life.

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